Lindsay Lohan is back in the party scene. LOHAN, the nightclub that LiLo’s guy pal Dennis Papageorgiou named after the “Mean Girls” star, is set to open Saturday night in Athens, Greece. According to TMZ, Papageorgiou is the sole owner of the restaurant/club, but is giving his ginger girlfriend co-ownership rights, as well as a generous bulk of the profits. A rep for the establishment told sources that Lohan and her beau are expecting “famous guests from Hollywood” at the Athenian debut. Lohan and Papageorgiou, whom the “Parent Trap” actress claims “saved” her from out-of-control ex-boyfriend Egor Tarabasov, seem excited for the career venture. LiLo shared she’s “Getting ready for #LOHANNIGHTCLUB #athens” in an Instagram post Thursday, where she is seen looking vibrant and happy. The storied party girl is expected to make appearances two to three times every month at the club