Christmas 2019 Offers at Lohan Athens Night Club

Special Packages Main area Stand 1 bottle 150€/5ppl Stand in front of DJ booth 2 bottles 250€/ 8 ppl Main area 2 regular bottles & 1 Moet 0,75lt /10ppl~ 450€ Prive area 1 Greygoose 1.5 & 1 Moet Brut 0,75lt / 10ppl 600€ Vip area 1 Greygoose 1,5lt & 1 Moet brut 1,5lt 750€ /ppl […]

Chicago Dear Thursdays

Chicago the Party – the hit party of Lohan Nightclub’s second season! Everyone thinks they know the recipe for a successful party: music, lights, dancing, and some drinks of course. That’s why when you discover Chicago the Party, one Thursday at LOHAN Nightclub, you feel the need to share it. With the goal of authentic […]

Guy Gerber at Lohan Nightclub

Mystic Blue pres. Guy Gerber at Lohan Nightclub Powered by Playground #WEareGuyGerber Guy Gerber on the decks of the #1 nightclub in Athens – #LohanNightclub. The Israeli superstar DJ returns to Athens after many years of absence for a special party. The concept creator of RUMORS is now at the peak of his career with […]

Christmas was here for sure!

Santa Claus “landed” at LOHAN Nightclub to pick up our letter and start his Christmas tour. “Dance’n’Roses, Nick Martin and Showtime” the letter wrote, and he was more than generous! Friday night it was, and Playmen with Rammos on vocals, Joanna on drums and MC Timm Chris rocked our world once again with their amazing […]

LOHAN NIGHTCLUB: It’s more than clubbing – It’s a lifestyle

December is that time of the year that -kind of- screams “Christmas”. As a result, people are pickier about their choices: how to dress, where to grab a quick bite at lunch time, where to have an early drink after a long day, who to date and who to take out with them when in […]

Lindsay Lohan I’m a Nightclub Owner! But It’s All Greek to Me

Lindsay Lohan is officially in a biz where she’s got a ton of experience … she’s a part-owner of a nightclub, and her name’s above the door. LOHAN, the nightclub, is opening this weekend in Athens … and we’re told it’s all thanks to LiLo’s pal, Dennis Papageorgiou. The Greek restaurateur is the owner, but […]

LOHAN NightClub Make every night out count

Another weekend ended with moments worth cherishing. It all started on Friday night when PLAYMEN | ANASTASIOS RAMMOS | JOANNA and TIMM CHRIS made quite an impression while passing on their great vibe to the crowd with house, mainstream and rock’n’roll tunes. Everyone seemed to have a blast and even people from the media field […]

LOHAN Nightclub Presents Nervo

“Are you NERVOus yet or what?” everyone screamed when Olivia (Liv) and her sister Miriam visited Athens in order to perform at Lohan nightclub on Friday 11 November 2016. Once the two musicians/djs went live on stage, the crowd was fulfilled with enthusiasm started dancing to their signature tunes while having drinks. Born in the […]