LOHAN Nightclub Presents Nervo

“Are you NERVOus yet or what?” everyone screamed when Olivia (Liv) and her sister Miriam visited Athens in order to perform at Lohan nightclub on Friday 11 November 2016. Once the two musicians/djs went live on stage, the crowd was fulfilled with enthusiasm started dancing to their signature tunes while having drinks. Born in the late ’80s, our girls knew how to mix and match old songs with new ones, while making a fuzz giving a vivid vibe to the night. Greek media, businessmen, people of the shipping industry and local performers joined their party gladly while leaving our club (stated in Iera Odos 30-32) with the greatest impressions. Thank you all, both for coming and joining our family fiesta. See you soon at one of our upcoming events.

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Tonia Koumpa

Communications | Public Relations Specialist