• Lohan Nightclub Season III, opening Party

Lohan Nightclub, located at Iera Odos 30-32, opened its doors on Saturday, September 22. Proving once again that rightfully it is called the night king in Athens, a title that most likely will keep this winter as well.

The mega-nightclub welcomed its guests in an extraordinary night filled with the sounds of famous American DJ JAM, well known from his collaboration with Dr. Dre & Snoop Dog.
The party hold strong until the next morning. All signs show that the nightclub named after Hollywood superstar Lindsay Lohan, will continue to entertain wildly the Athenians for the upcoming season.

The opening night was full of highlights: Smiling attendees, famous faces, sparkling smiles and lights, the brand new state of art decoration: avant garde style with a twist of industrial Goth. And of course the famous host, Lindsay Lohan herself.
A night to remember and a famous nightclub that will lead the way for third year in a row. The place to be for those who feel young and seek for meaningful entertainment.