Christmas 2019 Offers at Lohan Athens Night Club

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Special Packages

Main area
1 bottle 150€/5ppl

Stand in front of DJ booth
2 bottles 250€/ 8 ppl

Main area
2 regular bottles & 1 Moet 0,75lt
/10ppl~ 450€

Prive area
1 Greygoose 1.5 & 1 Moet Brut 0,75lt /
10ppl 600€

Vip area
1 Greygoose 1,5lt & 1 Moet brut 1,5lt
750€ /ppl

VIP second row
1 Greygoose 3lt & 1 Moet brut 1,5lt
1000€ /10ppl

Vip first row
1 Greygoose 3lt & 1 Moet Ice 1,5lt
1200€/12 ppl

Vip stand
1 Greygoose 0.7lt + 1 Moet Brut 0.75lt /6ppl / 300€

Vip stand 1:
1 Greygoose 1,5lt + 1 Moet Brut 0,75lt
550€ /10 ppl

BackStage area
Dj booth & front row 2000 euro/12ppl
Second row 1k/ 10 ppl

BackStage Stand/Bar
1 Greygoose 1,5lt & 1 Moet brut 0,75
500 € /6 ppl

General Admission : 20€ inc 1 drink


Chicago Dear Thursdays

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Chicago the Party – the hit party of Lohan Nightclub’s second season!
Everyone thinks they know the recipe for a successful party: music, lights, dancing, and some drinks of course. That’s why when you discover Chicago the Party, one Thursday at LOHAN Nightclub, you feel the need to share it.
With the goal of authentic entertainment, the CHICAGO team has managed to raise the re-define partying by adding those secret ingredients that make a recipe unique!
If you are looking for the most special shows and thirst for the sexiest RnB beats, then CHICAGO every Thursday evening at LOHAN Nightclub is a one-way street!

Guy Gerber at Lohan Nightclub

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Mystic Blue pres.
Guy Gerber at Lohan Nightclub
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Guy Gerber on the decks of the #1 nightclub in Athens – #LohanNightclub.
The Israeli superstar DJ returns to Athens after many years of absence for a special party. The concept creator of RUMORS is now at the peak of his career with guest appearances at the most exclusive clubs and biggest festivals in the world, his name being synonymous to quality dance music. His last appearances have left quite the impression in the community, with his deep progressive spiritual house sound leaving audiences in awe.
Along his side will be the resident DJs of Playground, Viton, Always Late & Artemis and ALceen.
Reservations: +306987501825

Christmas was here for sure!

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Santa Claus “landed” at LOHAN Nightclub to pick up our letter and start his Christmas tour.

“Dance’n’Roses, Nick Martin and Showtime” the letter wrote, and he was more than generous!

Friday night it was, and Playmen with Rammos on vocals, Joanna on drums and MC Timm Chris rocked our world once again with their amazing performances. The Dance’n’Roses party thrilled the crowd, and hyped everyone into their groove. The music was rock and mainstream and their show moved everyone into a never-ending ecstasy.

The worldwide famous Dj Nick Martin was rocking the decks of LOHAN Nightclub on Christmas Eve. From Ibiza to Miami and from Miami straight to LOHAN, to spread nothing less than summer vibes. An extraordinary performance with many VIPs and celebrities. Backstage, Privé and VIP areas were dancing in the rhythm of the champagne flowing.

And of course an absolute delirium and a full packed club on Christmas Day, hosting -as every Sunday- the best RnB party of Athens. Showtime dominated the crowd who showed up by hundreds, stopping all traffic at Iera Odos. Dj Robin, Dj Melo and Dj Kash gave us the best XmasBuzz. The party kept on going ‘till the very morning, when the sun joined us to give a peaceful end to the most amazing Christmas celebration ever.

LOHAN NIGHTCLUB: It’s more than clubbing – It’s a lifestyle

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December is that time of the year that -kind of- screams “Christmas”.

As a result, people are pickier about their choices: how to dress, where to grab a quick bite at lunch time, where to have an early drink after a long day, who to date and who to take out with them when in desperate need for some serious clubbing!

Friday night is already here and people seem quite patient while waiting in the cold before entering our club. They are fully aware of Fridays concept and they love it: PLAYMEN will thrill them with their house/mainstream music choices, ANASTASIOS RAMMOS will entertain them with his unique performance while singing/ jumping up and down from the booth to the main bar and vice versa, TIMM CHRIS will make them feel like they are members of a gang with his mc skills and JOANNA will take their breath away with her talent to play the drums as a Rockstar while being -at the same time- sexy as f**k.

Apart from the concept though, they love having celebrations here. Two birthdays, many fireworks, countless bottles of champagne, were some of the things I witnessed while watching people dancing with our robots and taking pictures with them with their cellphones. Well, photos are proof of good memories. Who can blame them, right?

Saturday: mode ON

Actually, this was one of the most chaotic Saturdays since we opened. Too many people, not enough tables to book! Oh Lord! Thank God, we managed to fix up some Bulgarian investors – among others. It would be a shame to travel for dj GIGLI and not see him performing in person! So many good rumors are spread about his crazy energy / show, on Saturdays.

Sunday – Funday, or what? It goes without saying, as it’s SHOWTIME baby!

In other words, it’s TIME to SHOW people your dancing skills!

Everyone seems so excited. Doors finally open around 23.00 pm. Dj ROBIN with dj MELO, hit the dj booth! Their goal is to make every single customer get foolish, dance until he is out of breath and have a really good time! They are good and the crowd gets into the RnB mood in no time! When dj KAS joins them, things get even better – let alone louder!

Everyone seems to have fun while embracing the “yolo vibe” of the night!

Dance moves, hats, tank tops with quotes and logos printed on them, are everywhere you take a look! If I framed the moment for you, this would be it! Although, I wouldn’t be able to frame everyone in it, as among our customers were A1 category basketball players who are extremely tall to get framed in a picture – if you know what I mean!

Lohan Nightclub: No one really cares about Monday morning although it is already here! This is our reward! This is our win! This is our “three-pointer” as far as Athens Revival clubbing is concerned!

OPA! Lindsay Lohan to celebrate her Athens nightclub opening with some A-list partiers

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Lindsay Lohan is back in the party scene. LOHAN, the nightclub that LiLo’s guy pal Dennis Papageorgiou named after the “Mean Girls” star, is set to open Saturday night in Athens, Greece. According to TMZ, Papageorgiou is the sole owner of the restaurant/club, but is giving his ginger girlfriend co-ownership rights, as well as a generous bulk of the profits. A rep for the establishment told sources that Lohan and her beau are expecting “famous guests from Hollywood” at the Athenian debut. Lohan and Papageorgiou, whom the “Parent Trap” actress claims “saved” her from out-of-control ex-boyfriend Egor Tarabasov, seem excited for the career venture. LiLo shared she’s “Getting ready for #LOHANNIGHTCLUB #athens” in an Instagram post Thursday, where she is seen looking vibrant and happy. The storied party girl is expected to make appearances two to three times every month at the club

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