The sole Athenian best club, home to all party lovers, welcomes you. Located at Iera Odos 30-32 in the Kerameikos region of Athens, Greece, Lohan Nightclub is a concept created as a means to revive the local Athenian clubbing scene and bring people into the party party spirit! With an industrial baroque aesthetic, top of the line sound and lighting systems, and the best DJ and live acts, combined with a unique approach to partying, Lohan Nightclub is redefining nightlife one party at a time.

At the same time, in the city’s largest arena, the Lohan club can host eight hundred (800) people. Confirmed that the club is the best club in town for one more year, brings to the ARENA not only the best DJs in Greece and Europe but also countless live acts. It’s a combination that guarantees your night life amusement. In a fully equipped bar awaits you for serious fun.

Under the sounds of Athens’ best foreign music, Lohan club faithful to the term of Mega-Club, offers its guests the largest Dancefloor in town. For one more winter the best night life in town is guaranteed the Lohan club. Alongside with the largest Arena you can also enjoy the Dancefloor, a huge venue, where you can entertain and dance under the music choices of the best DJs in Greece and Europe around one thousand (1000) people of the craziest vibes and the best music in town.

Based on a deep industrial baroque backdrop combined with the finest set of photorythmics that elevates the guests’ mood to very high levels, synthesize the newly refurbished interior backdrop of the ultimate entertainment, of the Lohan night club. Both Arena and Dancefloor are fully equipped with so many bars and a huge variety of drinks. The entire Lohan night club team is at your disposal to get the fastest and best quality service you can and enjoy the sound of the most upscale foreign music in town.

VIP AREA! The Lohan night club provides you the entertainment just like you want it! We created the best VIP AREA of town in an extremely beautiful space that extends the perimeter of the DJ playing area. Without losing the pulps of the club, we have created for you and your company comfortable spaces around the club.

In order to avoid waiting at the entrance, we enhance our sense of privacy by providing to our VIP guests a different entrance to the specially designed space. There, you will find comfortable sofas and large spaces for you and your company to enjoy the best foreign music in Athens. The ultimate VIP experience comes from the elevated space whoever allows you to have the unlimited views of the best Dance-Arena in Athens and instantly receive all the vibes of DJ music as you are close to them and also all live acts & surprises included every night in Lohan, the best nightclub in town.

For our VIP guests, we have provided a personalized service to your maximum enjoyment. This includes a fully equipped VIP Bar with the best staff at your disposal and a huge selection of special and premium beverage labels to satisfy even the most demanding. At the same time VIP AREA includes sanitary facilities exclusively for our individual guests so as not to miss a minute of what is happening in Athens’ best nightclub, the place where foreign music entertainment has name for, Lohan!

Backstage Area! A fantastic venue right next to the dj booth lets you feel the pulse of the parties inside the club. Lohan, one of the best foreign music clubs in Athens invites you to experience fantastic backstage nights. Have fun with the djs and become one of the most feared protagonists of all the live acts playing in the biggest club in the city, the Lohan club.

One of the best VIP BARs is ready to serve you with a great selection of premium drinks, for those who want to enjoy to the maximum this experience was secured to attend the backstage area of the Lohan club in Gazi, your own separate entrance.

Lohan is at your disposal to experience the best party at the best club in Athens, for the ultimate Backstage experience located in Gazi. At Backstage not only you will have fun with the party’s protagonists but also with an absolute sense of privacy. Lohan will show you that it is the biggest club in Athens with multiple venues and the best foreign music in town.

This year, we present you TV ROOM! For another winter, Lohan, is intertwined with innovation in nightlife! The ultimate club in a club experience, an extremely beautiful venue set in Lohan. You can have your own party or your own private event at the TV Room. Get in touch with our staff and you can book the venue and enjoy the signature of the best club in town.

In addition to that, the TV Room has its own independent bar as well as fully trained staff to tailor your event to success. In this beautiful area of Lohan, can accommodate 100 to 120 people (depending on the occasion). We create a great music experience for you as we can support different music choices from the DJs at Dance-Arena. The entertainment is once again guaranteed as TV ROOM is designed to carry the pulse and uplifting energy from Lohan’s main stage but not the music. TV ROOM is fully soundproofed, providing an incredible experience for you and your guests.

The largest Mega-Club in town is waiting for you to book and organize the best night for you and your guests on Lohan’s TV ROOM. For the brightest event or party with the best foreign music in Athens, the destination is the TV Room of Lohan club.


Lohan Calls You !